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Title: JBL Introduces Flip 4, Pulse 3 and BassPro Go At CES2017
Post by: Babyfacemagee on January 10, 2017, 06:53:56 PM

JBL introduced several new and updated products at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas the first week of January, 2017.  Among these are updates including the new Pulse 3, the Flip 4 and a new product altogether called the BassPro Go.   The video above highlights some of the new features of the Pulse 3 which include IPX7 waterproofing, 360 sound, new improved JBL Connect and greatly improved lighting effects.

Below we have the Flip 4 introduced (starts at 30 sec mark) including IPX 7 waterproofing, improved JBL Connect which lets you connect up to 100 other JBL Connect speakers (pretty cool!).  We also have improved sound (wattage and details still to be released) as well and all kinds of cool colors and designs.  The Flip 4 will be priced under $100 and will be available this spring.

Finally below we see a brand new product by JBL called the BassPro Go.  This is a really interesting product that doubles as both a subwoofer for your car or home and then can be disconnected and operated independently as a portable speaker (similar in size to the JBL Extreme).  It features a 140mm inch woofer and a pair of passive radiators as well as two 40mm smaller full range drivers.   There's also IPX7 waterproofing and JBL Connect functionality so this speaker can really do everything!  It's kind of a JBL Extreme that can also double as a subwoofer for your car which is awesome and kills two birds with one stone.  Pricing will be $599.95 and the Bass Pro Go will be available this summer.  These are some pretty awesome updates and we're excited to try them out in person and get some reviews up here at as soon as they're available.


Finally, JBL has at least temporarily dropped the price of the Charge 3 to $129.95 so grab one on Amazon here ( while they got em!
Title: Music Angel JH-MD13BT2
Post by: Noboks on May 06, 2017, 03:06:18 PM
I have seen the review video for the Music Angel JH-MD13BT2 on here.
Good device for the money with a good sound. The problem is I cant get any music to play from my  Micro SD card to the actual device?
Bluetooth works fine. I heard it has a radio but that I cant't find. I tried MP3 songs, connected the device directly to the latop to download etc.
Is it something to do with Windows 10 or do I need Music Angel driver for Windows?
Or am I just not using the "MODE" settings correctly on the device?
Thanks for all your help in advance!!  :D
Title: Re: JBL Introduces Flip 4, Pulse 3 and BassPro Go At CES2017
Post by: BluetoothAudioWorld on June 13, 2017, 08:41:17 AM

Maybe this link can help you: :)