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Title: Oluv Reviews The Meizu Lifeme BTS30 Bluetooth Speaker
Post by: Babyfacemagee on April 05, 2017, 04:49:31 PM

Oluv aka ClavinetJunkie finally got around to reviewing a speaker that I've been curious about for the past several months.  That speaker is the Meizu Lifeme TBS30.  Billed as a under $100 speaker that sounds as good as a $300 speaker Oluv puts it to the test and surprise...he loves it...with a few caveats of course (Oluv ALWAYS has caveats).  With a wide, open sound featuring solid bass and clear highs, Oluv actually suggested that this just might be the best speaker in this price range...a new #1.  The build quality is outstanding with a solid aluminum chassis all around that comes in handsome silver or dark grey colors.  So where's the rub?  Well it seems that the low end has a bit of gating, that causes a breathing or unnatural sound compression when at low volumes.  At louder volumes it isn't very noticeable so this is an outstanding speaker as long as you're not looking for very low level listening.  The other glitch he found was the battery low indicator which seems to start beeping even when the speaker has another 1.5 hours of life left.  This beeping went on far too long but the good news is that it 'might' be fixable with a software update...but we don't know if that is coming or not.  As long as the speaker has full power or is plugged in you won't hear the battery warning beep so i'll leave it up to you to decide if you want this stellar sounding speaker or not.  I've included a link below to Aliexpress where you can pick one up for$64.99 presently.

Order Your Meizu Lifeme TBS30 Here 64.99 On Aliexpress!!!! (,searchweb201602_3_10065_10130_10068_10136_10137_10138_10060_10062_10141_10056_10055_10054_10059_10099_129_10103_10102_10096_10148_10147_10052_10053_10050_10107_10142_10051_10143_9986_10084_10083_10080_10082_10081_10110_10111_10112_10113_10114_10078_10079_10073_10070_10123_10124-9986,searchweb201603_9,afswitch_1,ppcSwitch_5,single_sort_0_default&btsid=c369e758-c123-43f5-846b-edb78c87dd6c&algo_expid=88639db7-9d65-4b13-a095-d66fbd456385-4&algo_pvid=88639db7-9d65-4b13-a095-d66fbd456385)