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Bluetooth Speaker News / Review Of Updated iSoundbar SL1000s
« on: November 30, 2016, 03:01:24 PM »

I just received my SL1000S bluetooth speaker and was surprised upon sliding the sleek black unit out of the bubble wrap that it appears to have undergone some minor design changes...all for the better!  First up, the oversized silver 'iSoundbar' emblem has been removed...now the black aluminum mesh in the front is unblemished and looks a lot cleaner.  Secondly, the unit now fetures a colored horizontal light that glows in one of three colors to let  you know which sound mode you are using...treble, bass or 3D.  The sound meanwhile is just as good as ever with the 1.75 inch iron boron magnet drivers and oversized passive radiator giving off lush deep lows and a beautifully full sound reaching from 60Hz up to 20,000KHz.  The 3D mode is particularly impressive with instruments seeming to be placed all over the room.  If you close your eyes you would think the sound coming out of this speaker was 5x the size or a full surround sound system.  It's mighty impressive and for a little over $35 shipped it can't be beat for the price.  I'll have a full video review up shortly, but in the meantime if you're looking for a portable battery powered bluetooth speaker that will really impress...pick one of these up at Aliexpress at the link below.  Trust me...you'll be glad you did...and it makes a terrific present for anyone for the holidays.


If you've been waiting to buy a really top-notch audiophile quality bluetooth speaker then today is the perfect day to grab an awesome deal on one of two Denon bluetooth speakers. 

First up is the Denon HEOS 1.  This is the smallest member of Denon's audiophile multiroom system that can be used either independently or networked with other HEOS speakers such as the HEOS 3, 5 or 7.  This is the newest version of the HEOS 1 and includes bluetooth built-in.  It offers awesome sound from its two drivers and while it is a plug-in unit, you can purchase the optional 'Go Pack' which includes a rechargeable lithium ion battery.  This new version of the HEOS 1 also includes high resolution audio support as well as support for streaming services such as Amazon Prime Music, Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, SiriusXM, SoundCloud, TIDAL and Rhapsody.  Normally priced at $199, there's a special sale going on right now for $100 off!  That's right...the HEOS 1 is just $99 for a limited time.  You can grab one at the link below.

Ok, so say you want an all-in-one unit that includes a built-in lithium battery and will provide you with knock your socks off sound in a portable package and you plan on using the speaker exclusively with your phone or tablet to stream music and don't care about multiroom networking.  If that's the case then the Denon Envaya DSB200 is the speaker for you.  This speaker will literally knock your socks off.  It has some of the most powerful bass and the fullest 'soundscape' and depth of sound of any portable bluetooth speaker i've ever heard.  Don't believe me?  Just read some of the reviews and they'll back me up.  This thing ROCKS.  It has a 100mm bass radiator in addition to two 57mm full range drivers and has all kinds of special electronics voodoo added in from high resolution aptX® CSR decoding, MaxxAudio® technology and even includes 4 different colored grill inserts to customize the look of the device.  Normally the Envaya DSB200 would set you back $199...and in fact that's the price it's still selling for on the Denon website...but it's on sale on Amazon right now for just $79.99!  That's an amazing deal.  If  you've been looking for a bluetooth speaker that has AWESOME sound quality...you need to grab one of these right now.  I'm serious...this thing will blow away any other portable bluetooth speaker even 3x the price.


In his never ending quest to find the ultimate in portable bluetooth speakers ClavinetJunkie, also fondly known as Oluv has come across what he calls a 'real gem for $36'.  With an elongated, thin form factor not that different than the Denon Envaya Mini, the iSoundbar features some deep bass for its size...reaching as low as 50 or 60Hz and has some nice touches such as DSP with 3 separate modes including a bass boosted mode and Oluv's favorite a 'sd' mode which produced a rich soundscape that really enhances the stereo effect.  The sound is clear and full with adequate bass and a nice smooth wide dynamic.  Add in a 4400 mAh battery and such nice features such as MicroSD card support and touch sensitive buttons and we have a winner.  While the same sound bar under different names is selling for up to $80 on some sites, the best deal is for just $36 on Aliexpress.com   If you'd prefer to buy on Amazon they have it as well for a bit more.   We'll leave links below.  So what do you think now that you've watched the video?  Plan on picking one up for just $36?  Seems like quite a steal if the sound quality lives up to what Oluv is saying.

Bluetooth Speaker News / Scosche Introduces Waterproof BoomBottleH20+
« on: September 30, 2016, 06:17:28 PM »

Scosche, the maker of sports-oriented lifestyle electronics has introduced the latest in its line of cylindrical bluetooth 'BoomBottle speakers, the BoombottleH2O+. Featuring IPS67 waterproof specs, and a durable military spec design, the BoomBottleH2O+ is designed to fit perfectly in the bottle holder of your bike.  It also allows stereo pairing with another BoomBottleH20+ as well as built-in EQ for both indoor and outdoor listening.  The speaker itself has 12 watts of power driving a 50mm upfiring, wide dispersal driver and a passive subwoofer below. It can be controlled by an optional remote and mounted in various ways via suction cups.  It offers 11 hours of battery life and an LED indicator for easy battery level reading. Overall, it looks to be a really nicely designed unit and is available in 4 different colors..and did we mention that it floats so you can take it in the pool, in the river or lake...wherever and not have to worry about this thing dropping to the bottom.  Includes carabiner clip, suction mount optional.  It lists for $130 and you can pick it up at the link below.


Sometimes looks can be deceiving.  The Kedsum portable bluetooth speaker is an example of this as you'll soon see.  I picked up this relatively small,  sport/outdoor speaker on sale on Amazon because I've been taking my bike out on the trails recently and this speaker has a nice bottom screw hole that lets you attach the speaker to your handle bar with an inexpensive mount kit.  It's also IPX5 rated for water and dust resistance so it seemed like I great fit, especially on sale. 

What I didn't expect was the huge sound that comes out of this thing.  Seriously, it is one of the loudest bluetooth speakers I've heard from any speaker anywhere near its size.  The bass is punchy too, but it is tuned a bit on the bright side with a tendency towards treble and high mids on purpose so that the sound travels during outdoor use.  Indoor I fire up an equalizer app on my phone and just nudge the treble down a tad and it sounds great...as good or better than many of my higher priced indoor bluetooth speakers. 

The speaker is rated at 10 watts and it has some nice extras like a MicroSD card slot and NFC.  It's sold under the Trendwood and aLLreLi brands on Amazon and elsewhere and has the model name 'Rockman-L'.  They're all the same speaker so whichever is selling cheaper...usually in the $20-$30 range...it's definitely a keeper if you're looking for an outdoor speaker that can get loud and not break the bank...that's also water and dust resistant.  I play a bunch of different tunes in the video above so make sure to watch and then let me know what you think in the comments below.

Buy Trendwoo version on Amazon: https://bit.ly/2cSA44p
Buy aLLreLi version on Amazon: https://bit.ly/2cnmdqQ
Buy Kedsum version on Amazon: https://bit.ly/2cnnnCB (out of stock currently)

Bluetooth Speaker News / Anker SoundCore Mini Unboxing And Video Review
« on: September 17, 2016, 12:36:27 PM »

So I just received the newly released Anker SoundCore Mini bluetooth speaker and had a chance to spend a few hours with it before making the above video review.  Overall, I was impressed.  It's a nice sounding speaker, especially at mid to louder volume levels.  It's a solid piece of aluminum with nice, smooth lines and a perfect black anodized finish . Great build quality.  It offers a ton of nice 'extra' features such as built-in MicroSD card support and an FM radio tuner.  It has a 'full' sound compared to a lot of the competition due to a passive bass radiator that helps it avoid that 'tinny' sound many other speakers in this size class have.  Battery life is rated at 15 hours and judging by my use I wouldn't be surprised if it can get that. 

As for the negatives?  At lower volume levels it would have been nice to get a bit of bass boost to fill out the sound.  Also, using the FM radio is kinda tricky since there is no display. You have to search for presents and then simply skip from station to station and guess which it is.  A small led display showing the station on the side would have been great...maybe the next version.  Overall though, I really like this speaker. . It has REALLY punchy bass and great, clear sound with no noticeable distortion at loud volume.  Anker pretty much hit it out of the park with this one and get this...it's only $21 on Amazon right now.  That's a steal in my opinion for this as I think the sound is 'as good' or even better than units twice the price like the JBL Clip.  Grab one at the link below.


Amazon introduced the follow-up to it's Amazon Echo on Wednesday, unveiling to the world the 'Echo Dot', a $49.99 hands-free voice-controlled device featuring Amazon's Alexa personal assistant technology.  Able to connect to other speakers or headphones via bluetooth, Echo Dot allows a user to use voice commands to do everything from play music, control smart home devices, look up things on the internet, read the news, set alarms and more.  Built-in support for Prime Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio and TuneIn offer a variety of music sources.  It's compatible with connected devices from Nest, WeMo, Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings, Ecobee and others so you can turn on and off your smart fans, switches, thermostats, garage doors, sprinklers etc.  Amazon is offering a 6 pack of Echo Dots where you buy 5 and get one free.  The company is encouraging homeowners to equip every room with one in its attempt to make its Alexa personal assistant ubiquitous.  The Echo Dot comes in two colors, black or white and will start shipping in October.  You can order one now through the link below at Amazon.


Creative Labs added two new bluetooth speaker models to its lineup during the IFA Conference in Berlin last week.  First up we have the Muvo2, an IP66 rated water resistant speaker with a 2200+mAh battery rated at 10 hours of battery life and featurng two full range drivers along with an over-sized passive radiator up front for bass response.  Wireless Link Technology lets you pair two Muvo2 speakers up for great wide stereo separation with the power of two speakers.  There's also a MicroSD card slot so you can play music without a wireless bluetooth connection right off the card.  You can also stream music to the speaker using MicroUSB which in conjunction with the Creative Sound Blaster Control Panel you can customize the sound the way you like it.  Finally, the Muvo2 has speakerphone capability.

The Muvo2c is a smaller version of the Muvo2 and features the same IP66 water resistance plus 6 hours of life from its 650mAh battery  You also get 1 full range driver (compared to 2 in the Muvo2) and an oversized passive radiator for great bass.  Like its big brother you can pair the Muvo2c with another Muvo2c for great wide stereo power.  You also get a MicroSD card slot and MicroUSB connection with the same ability to equalize and customize the sound using the Sound Blaster Control Panel.

Both these speakers are available immediately and are priced at $79.99 for the Muvo2 and $49.99 for the Muvo2c.  You can pick them up at Creative Labs at the links below.


Altec Lansing, the maker of the 'everything proof' line of bluetooth speakers known for their rugged outdoor durability has introduced two new additions during the IFA in Berlin.   The BoomJacket 2 and Super LifeJacket are touted as being snowproof, shockproof and waterproof, as well as able to float.  The BoomJacket 2, the smaller of the two features 50 foot bluetooth range, 50 hours of battery life, can serve as a power bank for other devices.  Technical specs include Omni-directional sound by way of dual 2" neodymium woofers, dual 1.2" tweeters and dual 2.25" x 1.3" passive radiators.  The BoomJacket 2 also features DSP enhanced sound and app control..  It can also be used as a speakerphone and features onboard mic and spoken caller ID.  You can also pair up to seven speakers for true wireless stereo with up to 3 devices connected as well. The BoomJacket2 will be available in Deep Red, Aqua Blue, Black and Cobalt Blue.  You can buy the BoomJacket2 at BestBuy Here for $199.99

The Super LifeJacket, the larger of the two, also features Omni-directional sound via dual 2" neodymium woofers, dual 1.2" tweeters, dual 2.5" subwoofers and dual 3" passive radiators.  You'll also find DSP enhanced sound and app control along with similar DSP and multi-speaker connection as the BoomJacket 2.  You'll get increased range of 100ft for the Super LifeJacket as well as two separate powerbanks.  The Super LifeJacket will be available in Black/Steel Gray and Cobalt Blue and will be available at BestBuy here for $299.99 or on Amazon here.

Here is the Official Press Release.


This past June The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) that defines the technology of the ubiquitous wireless standard released a bunch of information about what to expect from the next version, dubbed Bluetooth 5, which is expected to start becoming available in late 2016 or 2017.  So just how much better will Bluetooth 5 be over Bluetooth 4?  Chief among the advantages of Bluetooth 5 will be the doubling of speed, quadrupling in range and the increasing of bandwidth of 800% over the current Bluetooth 4, while maintaining the same low power consumption.  This should be a boon to bluetooth speaker makers as they will be able to drastically increase the amount of sound information sent from devices to speakers theoretically greatly improving sound quality.  We also should have much more solid connections with less stutter and dropouts when roaming with your mobile device in a home or area while connected to a bluetooth speaker.  We should also see much quicker device connection speeds.  Of course in order for you to achieve the benefits of Bluetooth 5 both your speaker and your mobile device will have to be equipped with the proper chipsets and software to take advantage of it.  You can read much more about the upcoming Bluetooth 5.0 at the Bluetooth SIG Site.

Xiaomi / Welcome to the Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker Board!
« on: September 12, 2016, 03:45:49 AM »
Xiaomi is a Chinese consumer electronics company that makes an assortment of low cost but high quality bluetooth speakers.  Popular models include the Xiaomi Mi , the 'Square Box', the Xiaomi Portable or Mini, Original Xiaomi Mi 2 and Xiaomi Model QBH4041.  In general, the Xiaomi naming conventions in english are hard to follow and it is better to go by either model number or a general description such as the 'candy bar' sized speaker, the 'round mini' speaker etc for clarity.  The company's website is located here.  Xiaomi's bluetooth speakers can be purchased on Amazon here or on Ebay here.  Please discuss all Xiaomi bluetooth speaker topics on this board.

Denon / Welcome to the Denon Bluetooth Speaker Board!
« on: September 12, 2016, 03:27:13 AM »
Denon is an Japanese maker of fine audio products that sells their products worldwide.  The company makes the popular Envaya and Envaya Mini bluetooth speakers as well as the HEOS line of wireless multi-room speakers some of which incorporate bluetooth as well.  The Denon website is located here. .  The Denon Envaya and Denon Envaya Mini can both be purchased on Amazon..  Pleae discuss all Denon bluetooth speaker topics on this board.


As the bluetooth speaker market continues to explode, it seems that nearly every portable electronics manufacturer has introduced their own lines of bluetooth speakers.  From Sony to JBL to Logitech, Samsung, Xiaomi...you name it.  But what about Huawei?  After launching into the smartphone scene over the past two years we've been wondering when we could expect a bluetooth speaker from the 2nd largest Android phone maker after Samsung.   Ah, but to our surprise after doing a bit of research we stumbled across the above device, the Huawai 'Color Cube' also known by the model number AM10 that was introduced almost 2 years ago. 

Now interestingly, this speaker was first introduced as part of a promotion to go along with the Ascend Mate 2 phone and was included free with purchase.   Simultaneously, the speaker popped up on Huawei's website with a list price of $99.99.  But since this speaker was originally introduced back in 2014, you can pick one up for just $39.99 with free shipping on Amazon at the link below.  Besides offering awesome bass for a speaker this size, it features DSP noise reduction, battery level lights, a speakerphone and a handy MicroSD Card slot which is hard to find even on current year speakers.  It's definitely a good deal and if you're a bluetooth speaker aficionado like we are it's kinda cool to add a Huawei speaker to our collection.  I've posted two 'review' videos above and below so you can get an idea of what to expect, although the reviewers microphones don't do the sound quality justice.   So, what do you think?  Should Huawei start introducing some more bluetooth speakers into the marketplace?   We hope they do.


In our ongoing journey to include all the best bluetooth speaker vlogger/reviewers on the site we want to present this video comparison by Jim's Review Room.  The JBL Clip 2 and the Archeer A106 are both very portable, palm sized speakers that offer good sound but at two different price points.  While the JBL Clip 2 is usually sold at $59.99, the Archeer A106 can be found for substantially less, $23.99 as of this writing on Amazon.  The JBL Clip was a big hit for the company and the new Clip 2 includes a waterproof new exterior that has a fabric similar to the Charge 3 and Flip 3.  The Archeer is ipx5 rates so it's splash and rain proof but not fully waterproof and is made of a rubber or silicon surround with plastic and metal for the body and grill.  It seems to be a solid unit with good ability to withstand drops undamaged. But what about the sound quality and battery life as well as bluetooth connectivity?  Well, you'll have to watch the review above to find out.  We'll put links below to purchase either at Amazon.  Let us know which you would pick in the comments below.

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