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Xiaomi / Welcome to the Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker Board!
« on: September 12, 2016, 03:45:49 AM »
Xiaomi is a Chinese consumer electronics company that makes an assortment of low cost but high quality bluetooth speakers.  Popular models include the Xiaomi Mi , the 'Square Box', the Xiaomi Portable or Mini, Original Xiaomi Mi 2 and Xiaomi Model QBH4041.  In general, the Xiaomi naming conventions in english are hard to follow and it is better to go by either model number or a general description such as the 'candy bar' sized speaker, the 'round mini' speaker etc for clarity.  The company's website is located here.  Xiaomi's bluetooth speakers can be purchased on Amazon here or on Ebay here.  Please discuss all Xiaomi bluetooth speaker topics on this board.

Denon / Welcome to the Denon Bluetooth Speaker Board!
« on: September 12, 2016, 03:27:13 AM »
Denon is an Japanese maker of fine audio products that sells their products worldwide.  The company makes the popular Envaya and Envaya Mini bluetooth speakers as well as the HEOS line of wireless multi-room speakers some of which incorporate bluetooth as well.  The Denon website is located here. .  The Denon Envaya and Denon Envaya Mini can both be purchased on Amazon..  Pleae discuss all Denon bluetooth speaker topics on this board.


As the bluetooth speaker market continues to explode, it seems that nearly every portable electronics manufacturer has introduced their own lines of bluetooth speakers.  From Sony to JBL to Logitech, Samsung, Xiaomi...you name it.  But what about Huawei?  After launching into the smartphone scene over the past two years we've been wondering when we could expect a bluetooth speaker from the 2nd largest Android phone maker after Samsung.   Ah, but to our surprise after doing a bit of research we stumbled across the above device, the Huawai 'Color Cube' also known by the model number AM10 that was introduced almost 2 years ago. 

Now interestingly, this speaker was first introduced as part of a promotion to go along with the Ascend Mate 2 phone and was included free with purchase.   Simultaneously, the speaker popped up on Huawei's website with a list price of $99.99.  But since this speaker was originally introduced back in 2014, you can pick one up for just $39.99 with free shipping on Amazon at the link below.  Besides offering awesome bass for a speaker this size, it features DSP noise reduction, battery level lights, a speakerphone and a handy MicroSD Card slot which is hard to find even on current year speakers.  It's definitely a good deal and if you're a bluetooth speaker aficionado like we are it's kinda cool to add a Huawei speaker to our collection.  I've posted two 'review' videos above and below so you can get an idea of what to expect, although the reviewers microphones don't do the sound quality justice.   So, what do you think?  Should Huawei start introducing some more bluetooth speakers into the marketplace?   We hope they do.


In our ongoing journey to include all the best bluetooth speaker vlogger/reviewers on the site we want to present this video comparison by Jim's Review Room.  The JBL Clip 2 and the Archeer A106 are both very portable, palm sized speakers that offer good sound but at two different price points.  While the JBL Clip 2 is usually sold at $59.99, the Archeer A106 can be found for substantially less, $23.99 as of this writing on Amazon.  The JBL Clip was a big hit for the company and the new Clip 2 includes a waterproof new exterior that has a fabric similar to the Charge 3 and Flip 3.  The Archeer is ipx5 rates so it's splash and rain proof but not fully waterproof and is made of a rubber or silicon surround with plastic and metal for the body and grill.  It seems to be a solid unit with good ability to withstand drops undamaged. But what about the sound quality and battery life as well as bluetooth connectivity?  Well, you'll have to watch the review above to find out.  We'll put links below to purchase either at Amazon.  Let us know which you would pick in the comments below.


Dali (Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries) introduced their much anticipated 'Katch' portable bluetooth speaker at the IFA this past week.  Featuring a pair of 21mm soft-dome tweeters and dual 3.5-inch aluminum woofer all powered by a 2 x 18 watt class D amplifier.  The attractive oval design features an aluminum body with leather strap. Speakers face both front and back in the open design and 'sound profile's are available for different listening situations to customize the sound when the unit is placed against a wall for instance or carried about. The Katch runs Bluetooth 4.0 and also has AptX for improved sound quality. The battery is rated at 24hrs of use. The Katch also supports stereo pairing with another Katch speaker. Colors the Katch will be available in include Cloud Gray, Moss Green and Dark Shadow. It wil be available this fall with pricing listed at a premium...listed at $430.  We'll have to see what the final selling price is but the speaker definitely looks nice.  You can learn more about the Dali Katch at their website.


At the annual IFA conference and tradeshow earlier this week JBL introduced a new bluetooth speaker called 'Playlist'.  The new speaker, a mid-sized plug-in model with 2 57mm drivers at 15 watts apiece features Google 'Cast' ability built-in enabling users to stream major music services via Wi-Fi such as Spotify or Pandora.  The Playlist can also connect to other JBL Google Cast speakers.   As for the company's portable battery powered models, a slew of new 'special edition' exterior designs and colors were introduced as can be seen in the pics here.  These new models will include a new software upgrade that includes SIRI and Google Now support and happily this upgrade will be available for current owners of JBL Extreme, Charge 3, Flip 3 and Pulse 2 models.


Creative Labs is a popular american manufacturer of computer and electronics accessories.  Their extensive line of bluetooth speakers includes the 'roar', 'soundblaster', 'Nuvo', 'Nuno', 'Muvo' and 'Woof' lines among others.  Their website is located here..  Creative Labs bluetooth speakers can be purchased on Amazon.com.  Please use this board for all Creative Labs bluetooth speaker discussions and topics.

Libratone / Welcome to the Libratone Bluetooth Speaker Board!
« on: September 04, 2016, 12:13:59 AM »
Libratone was started in 2009 by three Danish entrepreneurs.  They feature unique high quality bluetooth speaker models such as the Libratone 'ZIPP', 'ZIPP mini', 'ONE click' and 'TOO'.  The company website is located here.  All Libratone discussions should go on this board.  The entire line of Libratone bluetooth speakers can be purchased on Amazon.com.

Which bluetooth speaker do you think would qualify for being smallest in size with the deepest, most powerful bass?  Any suggestions?


Another one of our favorite bluetooth speaker vloggers, 'Speaker Toni' recently did a comparison between two very high end bluetooth speakers, the Harmon Kardon Go+Play (2016 edition) and the Klipsch KMC-3.   The HK Go+Play is widely regarded as one of, if not the best sounding large bluetooth speakers available and is priced at $399.95 on the Harmon website.  The Klipsch KMC-3 is widely seen as probably the loudest and close to best sounding of the larger bluetooth speakers.  It is priced at about $250 on Amazon.  So which is better?  Well, let's watch the video above and find out.  Let's hear your comments below afterwards.

Bluetooth Speaker News / Flossy Carter Reviews The Samsung Level Box Pro
« on: September 03, 2016, 04:48:22 PM »

One of the top tech bloggers and big bluetooth speaker fan, Flossy Carter got his hands on the brand new Samsung Level Box Pro which is available in europe and coming to the U.S. soon.  The speaker is the big brother of the Samsung Level Box and features 20 watts of power, UHQ Audio with 4 drivers and 2 passive bass radiators for great lower frequencies.  It's available in gold and black.  So what did Floss think of it?  Just take a look at the video above and remember if you want one you'll have to order it from overseas for now. 

Riva / Welcome to the Riva Audio Bluetooth Speaker Board!
« on: September 03, 2016, 04:18:47 PM »
Riva Audio is a division of Audio Design Experts.  They're the makers of the high end Riva S and Riva Turbo X bluetooth speakers.  The company's website is located here.  The Riva S and Riva Turbo X can both be purchased on Amazon.com  Please discuss all Riva discussion topics on this board.

Beats / Welcome to the Beats By DRE Bluetooth Speaker Board!
« on: September 03, 2016, 04:11:53 PM »
The Beats brand was started in 2008 by rapper/producer Dr. Dre and former Interscope/Geffen/A&M Records Chairman Jimmy Iovine.  It is a division of Apple Inc.   The Beats bluetooth speaker models include the 'Beats Pill', 'Beats Pill+', and  'Beats Pill Portable'.  The company's website is located here.  Please discuss all Beats bluetooth speaker topics in this board.  You can buy the entire Beats line on Amazon.com.

TDK / Welcome to the TDK Life On Record Bluetooth Speaker Board!
« on: September 03, 2016, 04:05:07 PM »
TDK Life On Record is the maker of the popular line of Trek bluetooth speakers and licensess the TDK name from the original Japanese conglomerate for use in the U.S.  Bluetooth speaker models include the Trek A08, A12, A25, A26 A28, A33, A34, A360, A73 and other speakers.  The TDK Life On Record support page is here.  The TDK line of bluetooth speakers is available on Amazon.com.  Please use this board for all TDK bluetooth speaker topics.

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